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Edna Presbyterian Church

Edna, Texas

PASTOR & Church Staff

Elizabeth Martinez & husband Tommy

Elizabeth Martinez has been part of our pulpit supply for many years and

continues to be part of our services.

Pastor Dick Druary & wife Ann

Retired Presbyterian Minister Dick Druary and wife Ann are from Houston Texas.

We welcome him to our pulpit supply.

Pastor Allen White

Retired Presbyterian Minister Allen White is from Katy, Texas will be part of our pulpit supply.

Tim Mulder

Tim retired from his job and is about to compete the seminary.  He is from Corpus Christi, has five children and two grandchildren.

We welcome him to our pulpit supply.

Pastor Michel D. Yonts

Pastor Michel D. Yonts retired from the Edna Presbyterian Church on June 14, 2020

and has continued to be part of our pulpit supply.

Rachael Gotcher - Secretary/Treasurer

Robert Wyatt - Organist